Factors affecting personal selling

One of the major primary objectives of marketing practitioners, especially sales managers who use personal selling functions and supervise a salesforce, is to understand the major factors related to effective sales performance. The factors affecting marketing marketing essay print reference this disclaimer: advertising, personal selling and public relations and publicity an example of marketing mix is a new company who is starting up their own company is trying to spend more money on promotion in order to get themselves known, whereas at the same time an. Transcript of factors affecting budget b to c selling tend to heavily rely on advertising as for b to b selling is more selective meaning that they tend to rely more on personal selling then advertising to the public in a b to c selling, having a strong advertising budget is essential for the long term success of a product. An exam of the factors affecting chinese customer’s purchasing behavior in fast fashion industry the ultimate goal of advertising is establishing a “personal. An enormous number of factors affect pricing decisions marketing executives often complain that pricing is a big headache due to impact of these factors, the final price is set high or low, fixed or variable, and equal or discriminative.

Factors affecting promotion mix definition: the promotion mix is the blend of several promotional activities (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing) used by business to create, maintain and increase the demand for a product. Influential factors affecting the actual choice amongst mobile phone brands ling, hwang and salvendy (2007) surveyed college students to identify their preference of their current mobile phone. Personal selling is more effective for complex, technical, risky, and newly developed products as they need personal explanation and observation on the other end, advertising is more suitable for simple and easy-handled products.

Factors affecting malaysian mobile banking adoption: an empirical analysis ching mun cheah 1 , aik chuan teo 2 , jia jia sim 3 , kam hoe oon 4 and boon in tan 5. Factors affecting the promotional mix factors affecting the choice of promotional mix nature of the product stage in plc target market characteristics type of buying decision promotion funds push or pull strategy promotional mixes vary a great deal from one product and one industry to the next advertising and personal selling are used to promote goods and services, supplemented by sales. These factors include the offering’s costs, the customers whose needs it is designed to meet, the external environment—such as the competition, the economy, and government regulations—and other aspects of the marketing mix, such as the nature of the offering, the stage of its product life cycle, and its promotion and distribution. Factors affecting frequency of selling –wheat and paddy conclusion and implications data has been collected through personal interview using a structured questionnaire more likely factors affecting the frequency of selling of wheat and paddy. For supporting personal selling the company should apply, at the same time, any other marketing tools, should invest in any supporting means or improve any processes of performance in order to get the ultimate aim, that is the satisfaction of customers.

Personal factors play a very important role in affecting the buying behaviour of a consumer some of the major personal factors are - occupation, age, economic condition, lifestyle and individuals personality. Ashok abbott, associate professor of finance at west virginia university, said a discussion of factors affecting valuations is timely, considering the age of many business owners in the us. Personal selling, and trade, and sales promotions are used in push strategy an alternative is the pull strategy where manufacturers try to appeal to the end consumers directly when that happens consumers are likely to ask the retailers for the product and for retailers to stock the product they have to request the same from higher up in the.

By using factors that influence customers during the decision making process, you’ll be able to close more sales and double your closing ratio. Factors affecting the performance of sales personnel of insurance companies in ghana emmanuel erastusyamoah, phd candidate lecturer, school of business, valley view university, ghana personal selling is thus the primary tool in this method therefore, the sales person plays a very important role in the attainment of sales goals. Personal selling strategy is to bring existing and potential customers to a state of relative awareness of the organization’s product and to a state of adoption many people have carried out researches to find out if personal selling has influence on sales.

The overall performance of a bank depends on the efficiency of its human capital human capital is considered to be an indispensable and strategic asset which increases the efficiency of banks. In different markets two factors that impact the final price are the relative power of buyers and sellers and also the availability of appropriate substitutes, there are four different, four not five, four basic types of markets. 2 factors affecting consumers’ purchasing decision consumer behavior studies individuals and groups when they select, purchase, use and dispose products, ideas, services or experiences. Personal selling as a promotional tool is not well used and nothing has been done on this area the company’s sales volume was fluctuating for the last eight years due to longer lead time, interruption of electric power, lack of order from customers and shortage of raw materials.

7 important factors that affect “promotion mix” it of personal selling along with advertising and other trade promotional measures the-manufacturer promotes goods to wholesalers, wholesalers in turn promote to the retailers and retailers persuading the consumers to buy. Personal selling personal selling is the practice in which a salesperson uses one-on-one communication to persuade potential customers to purchase products. The success factors for direct selling business der-fa robert chen, shu-yin wang, shiuh-tarng cheng in direct selling has reached 236 million, and the industry has amusingly created a environmental factors affecting today’s multi-level marketing industry are investigated. Instead, an overall promotional mix also includes personal selling, sales promotions, public relations and direct marketing campaigns each business must consider the factors affecting the.

factors affecting personal selling Factors affecting share price on the market the price of listed shares on the jse fluctuates every now and then the price for shares goes up and down owing to a number of factors happening from individual business units (ie listed company) through to a complex environment of the entire economic system.
Factors affecting personal selling
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